Caverion knows what is needed to create user-friendly, safe, energy-efficient and comfortable built environments. We efficiently manage the entire life cycle of properties – from individual technology to advanced total solutions. 

We can help our clients to achieve a better indoor climate and more comfort and productivity for end-users or guarantee the optimisation of energy use and thereby reduced energy costs. We integrate optimat technical solutions for different types of facilities, ranging from day care centres and schools to advanced process industries. Energy efficiency is integrated into all of Caverion’s services and solutions. 

In 2015, we defined four key themes for our way of doing sustainable business. They are:

  • We aim at reducing negative environmental impact.
  • We emphasise excellent leadership. 
  • We ensure high-quality service.
  • We operate responsibly. 
Key figures in 2015
  2015 2014 2013
Personnel at year-end1 17,399 17,355 17,673
Personnel on average1 17,321 17,490 18,071
Nationalities 50 n/a n/a
Fixed-term employees 9 7 6
Accident frequency rate2 8.3 10.1 11
Sick leave rate3 4.1 4.3  4.4
CO2 emissions (tons) / revenue4,5 21.3 24.0 21.3
CO2 emissions, tonnes4,5 52,100.3
57,771.8 54,213.6
ISO 14001 certified operations6
93 93  82
OHSAS 18001 certified operations6 71 73 75
ISO 9001 certified operations6 100 100 100

1) The figures in Norway include an adjustment to include apprentices in the total amount for 2014 and 2015.
2) LTIFR: The number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per one million man-hours worked.
3) Hours of absence/total available hours, %
4) 2013-2014 emission figures are restated and differ from earlier published figures 
5) 2015: market-based scope 2 figures used 
6) Share of total revenue


Sustainability highlights 2015

Life-cycle projects


Our clients are increasingly interested in energy and cost efficiency of their buildings and plants over their life cycle. With our offering the life cycle responsibility is transferred from several suppliers to just one partner guaranteeing cost, energy usage and optimal conditions for decades. Watch the film of one of our life-cycle projects in Jyväskylä, Finland!


Photo: Söderhamn

In 2015, we announced many new Managed Services contracts. For the Söderhamn municipality in Sweden, Caverion implements Energy Performance Contracting project worth EUR 29 million. For the client, EPC service guarantees energy savings by optimising the buildings and their performance over time. Caverion guarantees the energy savings for 10 years.

Young employees


We employed approximately 1,300 summer employees, thesis students and trainees. Trainee programmes and thesis cooperation give us a great opportunity to be involved in the professional development of young students. In fact, trainee programmes constitute an important channel of recruitment for Caverion. Many of our best professionals first joined the company as trainees.



Our active safety work and attention towards safety issues has produced results and good development continued throughout the year. In 2015, we also introduced common Safety Guideline and Ground Rules. They guide safe working in all Caverion sites and offices. Our goal is to become an accident-free workplace.

Leadership training


During the year 2015, we organised various types of coaching events to develop leadership throughout Caverion. These trainings had a total of 1,200 participants. Our efforts concentrated particularly on rolling the Leadership Safari training programme. The target of the programme is to build a strong basis for excellent leadership in order to successfully reach our strategic goals.



Our everyday actions are guided by our values.

Our values are:

  • Step Ahead
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility and 
  • High Performance

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