Strategy progress in 2015

In 2015, the core of our strategy remained intact and group progressed well to reach its strategic targets. During the year, Caverion focused on creating “One Caverion” and invested in harmonised operational model, processes and enterprise architecture. The preparation has been necessary in moving towards the next phase of Caverion’s strategy, with a strengthened focus on:

  • clients
  • growth and 
  • developing the group business mix.

Targeting growth in Large Projects and Managed Services

In September 2015, Caverion informed about the company’s new business mix consisting of Technical Installations and Maintenance, Large Projects and Managed Services. Caverion is targeting further growth especially in Large Projects and Managed Services.

Caverion is moving forward to meet the growing demand from our clients for outsourcing the maintenance of their properties and plants. As the buildings become more complex, their usability and life cycle cost will be increasingly important. Clients are increasingly interested in energy and cost efficiency of their buildings and plants over the entire life cycle.

During autumn 2015, Caverion’s management structure was aligned with the execution of the strategy. Two new Group support functions, Delivery & Operations Development and Business Development & Marketing were established. Caverion also announced the combining of operations in Denmark and Norway under one new division as of January 1, 2016.

Progress in the strategic focus areas in 2015
Strategic focus areasActions in 2015
Increasing profits
  • Implementing the new business mix 
  • Increasing the efficiency of procurement and administration
  • More focus on efficient invoicing and working capital management
  • Developing the group level risk management process
Strong growth
  • A stronger focus on Managed Services and Large Projects 
  • Supporting growth, by e.g. developing sales, in order to create organic growth
  • More focus on increasing long-term maintenance agreements and strengthening relationships with selected contractors
  • Active target screening in the Merger & Acquisition market 
Innovative and advanced solutions
  • Introducing a commercialised and fully industrialised market offering
  • Defining sales objects and developing pricing guidelines and tools
  • Defining R&D Strategy and launching a new Innovation Path for our R&D Centre in Aachen, Germany
Strong company image
  • Preparing and launching the first group wide marketing campaign: Caverion Space Saga which will continue until the end of 2016
  • Renewal of websites with new layout and mobile optimised technology 
  • Defining themes for all communications
Excellent leadership
  • Defining group Safety Guidelines and safety Ground Rules
  • Recruiting new competences and strengthening management capability throughout Caverion
  • Building the job structure and supporting solutions along the harmonised operational model
  • Building common performance management and rewarding model 
  • Developing common leadership culture by delivering Leadership Safari programme
  • Using results to lead transformation by conducting an annual group wide employee engagement survey
Operational excellence
  • Common IT platform operational in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Austria, roll-out started in Denmark
  • Roll-out of Mobile Field Service continued
  • Introducing project management steering groups and Project Offices in all divisions 
  • Developing a new common document management system 
  • Developing a customer platform for the management of properties, pilots in Sweden and Finland