Strategy overview

The group has defined four megatrends that are changing the market in which Caverion operates. The megatrends drive Caverion’s strategy and support the future demand for our business.


Increasing technology
  • Technology in buildings currently accounts for 40−60% of building costs.
  • Integrated technologies require multi-discipline expertise.
  • Maintenance is increasingly based on preventive measures as well as on actual needs and conditions.
Improving energy efficiency
  • Tightening legislation relating to energy efficiency
  • Integrated technologies require multi-discipline expertise.
  • Increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions also for existing buildings
Growing digitalisation
  • All technologies in buildings have an IP address.
  • Demand for remote monitoring is increasing.
  • 10,000 buildings currently under Caverions’ remote control.
Urbanisation continues
  • Needs for necessary infrastructure (water, sanitation, energy, information, transportation) increase.
  • Urban development management important (management of land, housing, working environment, transportation)

Our vision and mission

Caverion’s vision is to be a leading European provider of advanced and sustainable life cycle solutions for buildings and industries.

Our mission is to design, build, operate and maintain user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants.


Guidance for 2016

Caverion estimates that the Group’s revenue for 2016 will grow from the previous year (2015: EUR 2,443 million) and the Group’s EBITDA for 2016 will grow significantly from the previous year (2015: EUR 91.5 million). 


Long-term financial targets 

After taking the actions according to our strategy period ending in 2016, our goal is to reach long-term financial targets. Our long-term financial targets are: 


  • EBITDA over 6% of revenue

Revenue growth

  • Average annual revenue growth >10%

Working capital

  • Negative

Progress in reaching long-term financial targets 2013–2015


Strategy period 2013–2016 

In the strategy period extending to the end of 2016, the main focus is on achieving the growth and profitability targets, improving working capital efficiency, and offering life cycle solutions.

Read more about our progress with the strategy in 2015


Key strengths

Key strengths of Caverion are:

  • Life cycle solutions
  • Geographically extensive operations in 12 countries and strong market position in all key operating countries
  • Strong technical competence and own innovative solutions
  • Energy efficiency always integrated into services and solutions
  • Prerequisites for a strong, stable cash flow
  • Competence and proven experience in growing through acquisitions