From the CEO

It's time to bring the year 2015 to a close, the second full year for Caverion as a corporation.

I would say it was quite a successful year. We have grown our order backlog by 11% and our net sales by 4% in constant currencies. We have a very stable cash position, and we are clearly ready to move on into 2016 and continue to develop our company according to our strategic roadmap.

Uniform operational model increases cooperation

We now have a uniform operational model in all 12 countries where Caverion is present. It means that we can increase cooperation between divisions, and between business areas within these divisions. As a result, the workforce of 17,400 people within Caverion becomes one, no longer fragmented into regions, divisions and countries. Of course, the journey continues, we are not there yet. But we can already see a lot of effort and a lot of positive outcomes of the increased cooperation within Caverion as a group.

Common market offering introduced

We also introduced a common market offering at our Capital Markets Day earlier in 2015.

We now have a set of sales objects which will be the sellable objects from us as a company. It means we can harmonise the way we work with pricing, the way we work with documenting, sales guidelines, and so on.

Connected to this, we have what we call our "delivery view". Basically, it is a connection between what we sell to our clients and then what is delivered by our service organisation in the field.

"Space Saga" marketing campaign supports our growth

We have also launched, at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, a common marketing campaign.

We have selected a space theme that may seem a little bit unique. But everything that we talk about in the campaign and everything that we present is, of course, relevant for our clients, even today, whether it's indoor climate, energy efficiency or other topics.

Good development in work safety

We have also worked a lot to ensure that our employees feel safe at the workplace.

One of the most important measurements here is, of course, the number of accidents, or incidents, as we call them. Here we have also seen a significant drop within the Group. About 40% fewer incidents in 2015 compared to 2014, which, I think, is a significant improvement. This of course has a very positive impact also on our employees and how they feel when they come to work every day.

Excellent leadership

We also worked a lot with strengthening the leadership.

I am very happy to say that as part of introducing the operational model, we now also have the leadership needed to take us forward to meet our long-term strategic targets.

2016: Focus on profitable growth

Let’s take a look into the future in 2016. First of all, the Board will propose at Annual General Meeting a dividend of EUR 0.28 per share representing 75 percent of the Group’s net profit for 2015. Caverion estimates that the Group’s revenue for 2016 will grow from the previous year and the Group’s EBITDA for 2016 will grow significantly from the previous year.

I think we leave behind the year 2015 as a much stronger company than we entered it. And I genuinely believe that 2016 will be another year of continued improvement in our operational performance, both financially and from the perspective of our clients.

I would like to thank all of our employees for making this possible, because Caverion is a service company.

I am also very grateful to those of you who have chosen to invest in Caverion. Of course, I would also like to thank all the people that have a general interest in our company.

Caverion is a company for the future, and I think we will prove 2016 to be yet another year of success.


Fredrik Strand, President & CEO of Caverion