Technical Installation and Maintenance

In the Technical Installation and Maintenance business, we provide our clients with predictable cost levels for maintenance and installation and thereby reduce the financial risk for clients. With Caverion, the client can get improved technical asset performance, comfortable indoor conditions or reduced energy costs by benchmarking energy consumption. In the technical installation and maintenance market, Caverion is one of the major players and our aim is to maintain this position and grow with the market.

In Technical Installation and Maintenance, we deliver small and mid-size projects and maintenance agreements, with a maximum value of 5 million euros. Caverion has strong technical expertise, long experience in various client segments and professional project management.

Caverion delivers technical installations both for renovated or newly constructed buildings. Installation contracts can cover one or several technical disciplines, such as cooling, electricity or automation. For industrial clients, Caverion supplies, for example, gasometers and LNG tanks as customised project deliveries.


Over 30,000 technical maintenance contracts

In 2015, Caverion had over 30,000 technical maintenance contracts. Technical maintenance of properties and plants aims to ensure the functionality of single or multiple technical discipline during short and mid-term. Our maintenance concept is based on preventive maintenance and it can include consumables and repair in order to provide the client predictable cost.

Typical technical maintenance services are single or multidiscipline ServiFlex contracts, in which Caverion is responsible for the maintenance of certain building systems. Alarm and fault and tolerance management is an essential part of maintenance. A need-based, demand or conditions based maintenance agreement is created together with the client. In technical maintenance, Caverion is a trusted partner through our experience and efficiency in reducing cost, increasing life time and by minimising breakdowns.


Caverion’s expertise in Technical Installation & Maintenace is based on our: 

  • Technical expertise in all technical disciplines
  • Skilled and experienced personnel
  • Nation-wide local presence and short response times in maintenance
  • Strong market position 
  • Proven track record 
  • Long-term client relationships
  • Cost, quality and contract controlling enabled by common harmonised processes and Entreprise Architecture

Examples of new contracts in 2015

In 2015, Caverion offered technical installation and maintenance services to thousands of clients.

In Finland, Caverion announced, for example, the implementation of a district heating network for Europe’s biggest gold mine in Kittilä and the delivery of a new substation for Pori Energia in Pori. Teollisuuden Voima, a Finnish nuclear company also opted to continue a maintenance service agreement with Caverion concerning Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2 nuclear power plants in Eurajoki.

In Russia, Caverion and Schlumberger agreed on technical maintenance of production plant and office buildings in the Surgut district and Astrakhan. Caverion also announced securing a contract for providing technical maintenance for a large shopping centre in Moscow.