Research and development

As one of the leading companies in our industry, we systematically focus on introducing technological advances. In order to achieve this, we allow space for creativity by continuously investing in new ideas and networking our experience and expertise internationally. The centre of our development activities is in Aachen, Germany. In the Research & Development Centre Caverion's engineers develop pioneering products, for example, under the Krantz trademark.

In 2015, the Research and Development Centre completed about 50 research projects. Approximately 50 percent of the research work is carried out on behalf of clients. Client projects include, for example, extracting carbon monoxide from a test rig in the automotive industry or investigating ventilation systems on behalf of a telecommunications company.

In the autumn of 2015, a new Innovation Path was launched in the R&D Centre. The Innovation Path provides a hands-on approach to our products and solutions and to the ways Caverion’s solutions respond to the needs arising from global megatrends, such as growing digitalisation, increasing technology, improving energy efficiency and continuing urbanisation.

New multifunctional laboratory module

In 2015, one of the main projects was related to innovation of the multifunctional laboratory module and carrying out extensive simulations related to the solution. The patented module makes it possible to respond flexibly to the increasing requirements of biological and chemical labs. This also includes preventing pollutants being emitted from fume cupboards as a result of the flow of indoor air.

The multifunctional laboratory module allows for a high level of pre-production, which lowers the production costs. During 2015, several large-scale laboratory projects of our clients were already equipped with the module.

At the end of 2015, the R&D team was working on more than other 30 innovations and product development projects.

R&D centre

  • Specialises in the research and development of advanced products related to ventilation, cooling and heating
  • Has produced 50 patents in Germany and worldwide
  • Runs test stations to simulate ventilation, cooling, heating and acoustics concepts under real-life conditions for demanding sites and building systems
  • Validates the functions of ventilation and air conditioning components and systems in laboratory tests on a 1:1 scale to guarantee high standards of comfort, airflow and noise emissions requirements
  • Uses computer simulations (CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics) to calculate airflows in a room based on a computer model in cases where lab testing on a 1:1 scale is not feasible e.g. regarding airports, sports arenas, auditoriums or theatres


Our R&D references include many famous buildings, for example The Shard and Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport in London. Read more about our research & development work.