Managed Services

As a specialised supplier of managed services, Caverion can provide comfortable, safe and healthy conditions that can increase productivity and well-being for the end-user and be more attractive for property tenants. Sustainability of the property is improved by precise forecasting through optimised processes, integrated solutions and Technical Asset Management, Performance Management and Configuration Management. With Managed Services, Caverion operates, develops and maintains technology and systems and related processes in commercial, industrial and residential buildings for the medium or long term. 

When Caverion manages the services for the client, Caverion will provide the client with predictable cost levels, manage cost related risks and, in addition, risks related to value preservation and business interruptions.


Life Cycle Solutions encompass all our service areas

In its widest form, managed services are offered as Life Cycle solutions that encompass all Caverion’s service areas. Clients are increasingly interested in energy and cost efficiency of their buildings and plants over the entire life cycle. Our offering helps clients to move life cycle responsibility from several suppliers to one organisation in order to guarantee costs, energy efficiency and optimal conditions for decades to come.

In 2015, Caverion had about 100 managed services contracts. For operation and maintenance, client relations are based on long-term partnership and the average duration for contracts is 3–5 years. Energy Perfomance Contracting and Operational Performance Contracting typically include an analysis phase of 3–12 months and an implementation phase of 2–3 years and a follow-up phase on at least eight years. For life cycle projects, the contract period can be up to 20–30 years. Caverion executes services in-house apart from potential soft services that are outsourced.

In 2015, Caverion announced its goal to seek further growth especially in Managed Services, along with Large Projects, as these businesses have a higher growth and margin potential. The demand by our clients to outsource the maintenance of their properties and plants is growing. As the buildings become more complex, their usability and life cycle cost will be increasingly important.


Caverion’s expertise in Managed Services is based on our:

  • Life Cycle cost and sustainability in focus
  • Technical expertise and good track record
  • In-depth knowledge of clients and long partnerships 
  • Remote management
  • Experienced and engaged teams, skilled and experienced personnel
  • Cost, quality and contract controlling enabled by common harmonised processes and Enterprise Architecture

New life cycle projects and guaranteed energy savings

In Finland, we launched two life cycle projects with YIT, consisting of a school and day care centre in Kokkola and a school modernisation and extension in Espoo. Caverion also renewed its contracts of managed services with several significant clients. The contracts covered, for example, technical maintenance and managed operations at Outokumpu’s properties at Tornio mills, airline company Finnair’s properties in Finland and PVO-Vesivoima’s hydropower plants on the Kemijoki and Iijoki rivers in northern Finland. Caverion also started to provide managed services for railway company VR and its properties in Finland. We also announced a partnership agreement with Metsä Wood for technical maintenance and related managed services at Lappeenranta and Renko sawmills as of February 2016.

In Sweden, Caverion signed two Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) deals with the municipalities of Leksand and Söderhamn. For the client, EPC service guarantees energy savings by optimising the buildings and their performance over time. The contract with Söderhamn is worth EUR 29 million and it is the single largest EPC project implemented by Caverion in the Nordic countries. In addition, Caverion announced the renewal of its managed operation contract covering AstraZeneca’s research and production facilities in Mölndal and Södertälje.

In Norway, Caverion announced the provision of project execution and technical maintenance of low voltage for the properties of the Norwegian Defence Estate Agency. The estimated value of the contract is over EUR 20 million. Caverion also signed an EPC contract with the Moss municipal property company. Caverion analyses the municipality’s property stock and implements measures to reduce its energy consumption and environmental impact. The aim is to reduce the energy consumption of properties by 45% through upgrading, modernising and optimising the building systems.