Large Projects

In 2015, Caverion was running about 50 large projects with a contract value of over 5 million euros. Large projects are either design & build projects or tender-based projects. Installations and technology in buildings are becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated and currently represent a large share of a building's investment cost. In design & build projects, Caverion acts as a partner for procurement, design, construction works and engineering of building technology systems. The concept of having one single partner minimises the project investor’s risks, improves the quality and reduces the project execution time by overlapping the design and construction phase.

Large projects with total technical solutions cover the integration and customisation of all technical disciplines for a new construction or a building under renovation. Typically, a large project with total technical solutions includes advisory services, design & engineering, project management and project execution.

In large projects, Caverion’s focus is on life cycle costs, investment and operational cost, usability and operational functionality of a building or industrial installation in the long run. When Caverion is involved already in the design phase, our expertise can help to shorten the time span of the construction phase and lower the overall life cycle costs due to our knowledge in technical maintenance and operations. 

Centralised project management

To minimise project related risks, project management of large projects is centralised to our project management offices. On average, large projects have a design phase of 3-12 months and an execution phase of 8-24 months. For project execution, especially in Central Europe, Caverion also uses subcontractors. Caverion implements large projects for industrial clients, for example in energy, mining and forest industry. Project deliveries, such as industrial installations, are based on highly advanced industrial prefabrication and logistics management.

In 2015, Caverion announced its goal to seek further growth especially in Large Projects along with Managed Services, as these businesses have a higher growth and margin potential.

In Large Projects, Caverion is also driving new technological development. Our own Research and Development Centre in Aachen, Germany provides tailor-made and advanced solutions for some of our clients with high demands in ventilation, cooling and acoustics. 

Caverion’s expertise in Large Projects is based on our: 

  • Good track record of large and complex projects
  • Project management offices in all divisions
  • Experienced and competent project teams
  • Design & Engineering competence in all client segments
  • Integrated total technical solutions
  • Design & Build and customisation competence
  • Life Cycle cost and sustainability in focus
  • Cost, quality and contract controlling enabled by common harmonised processes and Enterprise Architecture 

New contracts from office buildings to congress centre renovations

In 2015, we announced several new large project contracts.

In Finland, we announced the delivery of total technical solutions covering all technical disciplines for several buildings: a theatre in Turku, a hospital and an office building in Tampere, an office and commercial centre in Vantaa, a senior centre in Espoo and two office buildings in Helsinki. Total technical solutions will also be delivered for a new car park in Helsinki. In addition, Caverion announced the provision of solutions for industrial clients, including industrial installations for a new hydrogen production unit in Porvoo, high-pressure piping for a new multi-fuel power plant in Naantali, and pulp towers for a new bioproduct plant at Äänekoski.

In Sweden, Caverion signed contracts for the delivery and installation of mechanical process piping and equipment at a pulp mill at Värö, Sweden.

In Norway, Caverion’s biggest project was to provide tunnel electrification worth over EUR 35 million for a new railway project. We also announced the provison of all technical disciplines for six residential buildings in Sogndal and for school buildings in Østfold and Bergen and for a Technology Building at Sør-Trøndelag College.

In Germany, we signed a contract to provide total technical solutions for the renovation of Congress Center Hamburg. The contract is worth EUR 43 million and it is one of the largest projects since the establishment of Caverion. Caverion also signed several other large project contracts. They included providing technical disciplines for office complexes in Munich, Bonn and Hamburg, for a new building complex in Stuttgart, and ventilation and air conditioning systems for a University Hospital in Frankfurt. In addition, Caverion started a large project on delivering technical disciplines for two high-rises in Berlin.

In Austria, Caverion announced the delivery of tunnel technology for Tunnel Lambach on the B1 road and for the enclosed section of the A10 motorway. In addition, we won a contract for providing building solutions to the new headquarters of ÖAMTC in Vienna.

In Poland, work started on providing technical disciplines for a car plant in Wrzésnia and in Lithuania we announced the delivery of technical disciplines for new buildings at an office campus in Vilnius.